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Payment via Coin Acceptor
The software InterCafe supports the use of coin selectors for payment and access of the Client-PC.

>>>> Using coin acceptors allows an automization of internet terminals at the greatest possible extend for one or several terminals or even a self-service internet cafe.

Coin Checker
Operating a single work station (kiosk internet terminal) with coin acceptor                 

InterCafe can be operated on a single workstation with a coin acceptor connected to the PC. If the customer inserts coins into the coin validator the PC will be unblocked for a certain amount of time. If the credit is gone the PC will be blocked and all programms will be closed, Cookies, History etc. will be deleted. If necessary the PC can be rebooted. For this solution please install the InterCafe Kiosk Software (select "kiosk" during the installation).

To save unused credit the customer can create a member account with nickname and password and come back at a later time to log in again (optional function).

Operating several work stations with coin acceptors                                  - - -

For this solution all PCs need to be connected in a network. The InterCafe Server Software is running on one PC in the background (this PC is both Client and Server). All PCs are being administrated from this „Server“ and can be manually unblocked if necessary (only by Admin).

Since this „Server“ PC needs the Client and the Server Software it is the easiest to use the InterCafe Kiosk Software
on this Computer (select "Kiosk" during the instalation). For all other PCs you use the normal Client Software (select "Client" during the installation). Every PC has its own coin selector and can be accessed by inserting coins.

Payment Terminal Solutions                                                                    - 

for Central Login, LoginCodes, Member Accounts or Chipcards
For these solutions you need a central PC (Payment Terminal) with a coin acceptor and a special software module (see
Special Modules).

Central Login Terminal:
The customer can insert coins and choose a PC on the display which will be unblocked.

Member Account Terminal:
The customer can create a member account with name and password. Credit can be loaded on the account by inserting coins at the terminal at any time. To access the PC the customer has to enter the name and password a any Client.

Smart Card Terminal:
Same as Member Account Terminal; chipcard replaces name and password. Chipcards can be loaded at the terminal. Easy access to PC by inserting chip card into the smart card reader at any PC.

LoginCode Terminal:
When inserting coins a pincode/timecode will be printed on a special ticket printer. The customer can choose any PC and enter the login code.

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