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InterCafe 2012 - Features

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Features of InterCafe 2012

Security Functions

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your system!
  • Policy Settings prevent from windows configuration changes at the ClientPC
  • User Manager: Create different user groups and apply policies, so that your staff has limited access only (prevent access to statistics etc.)
  • Disable various Internet Explorer functions at Clients
  • Protocol File for Maintenance and Pause Function to control the activity of your staff while you are away
  • Disallow the use of certain programs
  • Prevent against Dialers
  • Policies for Server (optional): avoid staff using the internet or changing system settings during their shift

  • If server software is restarted after crash or electricity break-down all information of active Clients is still available
  • Shutdown ALL CLIENTS from Server in only 10 sec.!
  • Client Software can be updated without moving away from the Server
  • Software automatically replaces the necessary files, takes about one minute to update your whole internetcafe!
  • Export Customer Data in external database
  • Current State of each Client is indicated on Server Screen by colors (shut down, not connected, free, in use, pause, maintenance)
  • Detailed information about every Client in use: Membername, Rate, Start Time, Credit, Additional Charges etc.
  • Transfer Customer to a different Client-PC without loss of credit/charge information
  • System-Information for every Client as well as Screenshot available at Server
  • Administrate any number of Clients (depending on license)
  • Create daily statistics for analyzing your internet cafe business
  • Additional charges for drinks, food, snacks, cigarettes, disks or services as CD burning and printing can be added to customer charges or member account
  • Time synchronization with all Clients
  • Date/Time display at server
  • Shift Changes are registered with cash position
  • Statistic is being saved as Access File, you can now make additional statistical evaluations
  • User Manager: Give different access to the users, so that the staff cannot change tariffs or put a computer on maintenance, for example to let friends use it for free
  • Automatic Setting of the Homepage in the Internet Explorer after every Session
  • Orders from Client PC will be indicated by popup-window or sound on server
  • Member accounts: Save member data with picture and birthdate
  • Administrate WebBlock Content Filter Software for different tariffs
  • Comfortable Cafe Manager integrated for the billing of food and drinks and additional services, use of Chipcards possible
  • Use a separate touch screen for the Cafe Manager
  • Administrate other machines, for example pool tables
  • Use of POS Items such as cash drawers, POS keybords, receipt printer and customer display possible
  • Message about Clients still logged in if Server Software is being closed
  • Add time to someone´s session at server
  • Automatic Message and Shutdown of Clients at the end of Opening Hours
  • SMS-Service for Staff (optional)
  • Self-Service options with Payment Terminal
  • Export/Import of Member Data and Item Data possible
  • Automatic Backup Service: this Service makes automatic backups for you

  • HTML-based Login with up to 8 languages
  • Your advertisement on Client Login Screen
  • Browser as Login Screen
  • Free Use of certain websites in Login Screen
  • Free Email-Service with WebCam-Functions without the need of an own email-adress
  • automatic Print Manager with Preview for up to 10 printers
  • SMS-Service worldwide, automatic billing
  • Internal Chat-System between Clients and desk
  • Low time warning for customers, popup window shortly before the end of time
  • Order from Client PC possible, customers can order from menu displayed at Client PCs
  • Login and Logoff at Client possible
  • Create and load credit on Member Account by inserting coins in coin acceptor
  • If client software needs to be restarted after a crash all time and credit information is still available
  • Login with Nickname and Password
  • Login with Logincodes
  • Login with Chipcard-System, very save encoding of data! Smart Card Systems of TOWITOKO/SCM are being supported.
  • All programs will be closed at end of session
  • Client reboots after every session, optional
  • Maintenance Mode, full use of Client without any restrictions nor payment, for use of Administrator work only
  • Replacing Desktop with your web page or flash animation
  • Customer can view the Status in the Client Menue to check time and credit
  • Display of Credit/Charges at Client-Menue
  • Language can be changed in Client-Menue
  • Pause Client during session (locks screen and stops charging)
  • Set Homepage in Internet Explorer, use different Homepages to different tariffs
  • Cache and Temp-File as well as visited WebPages are being deleted after every session
  • Delete marked directories after every session
  • Customer can enter his/her member data at Client
  • Registration name visible at Clients
  • Save individual data/scores of the Members

  • Create different tariffs for different Customer Groups as for example Students, Kids, Members ...
  • Apply up to four Happy Hours to every Rate
  • Fix tariff for Customer or Client PC
  • Create Memberships for your customers with personal accounts, special rates, self login without having to wait for assistance
  • Create and sell login codes for your customers
  • Hand out chipcards to your customers for easy login and logoff and payment through personal account
  • Two currency system, software supports the display of two currencies at the same time
  • Print receipts for your customers, optional, with EPSON Receipt Printer (POS printer)
  • Change customers tariff during session without having to log off
  • Rounding options
  • Charge additional charges either to member account or charge separately
  • Extra charges for executing certain programs
  • Polocies depending on tariffs, therefore age-related access to Clients possible!
  • WebBlock Filter Software controllable through tariffs
  • Members can give their member credit to other members
  • Website Billing: charge extra for the use of certain websites
  • Automatic Mail Service of Coin Acceptor Revenue
  • Daily Mail Service of Revenue and Reports
  • Member Tariff Manager: Tariff changes automatically after a certain time of membership
  • Billing with Coin Acceptor and Bill Acceptor possible

Special Modules [more Information...]
  • Payment Terminal: Self-Service Terminal with for central login, member accounts, smart cards and LoginCode-printing. Perfect solution for Self-Service Cafes and to relief the staff in larger cyber cafes [more Information...].
  • Linux Client: Special Module for the connection of Linux-Clients to the Server
  • Wireless LAN Billing: For the billing of laptops (customer.owned computers without the InterCafe Client Software) using internet access priovided by hotspot or network outlets - perfect solution for hotels [more Information...]
  • DKS-Manager: Save the DKS passwords of the Clients in the settings of the Server to turn the DKS-Software ON and OFF from the Server

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