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InterCafe 2012 - History


Changes/New Features


  • Warning displayed when settleing a Client with active softphone call
  • New entry option for items: item number
  • Cash-/CallingCards: Individual footer for printout
  • Shutdown Clients by inserting a special coin
  • HappyHour for items
  • Statistic reporst: Revenue by product groups: without CallingCard
  • Statistic reports: Revenue report: Single product group with single entries
  • Policy Manager: Unable developer tools in InternetExplorer (F12)
  • Policy Manager: Import and Export from/to text file
  • Integration of new control unit ALL 3075
  • Define Login options for each Client separately in the settings.ini
  • AudioCodes-Series phone system with newest firmware
  • Start parameter Service: WAITSECONDS X (where X is the time in seconds)
  • Start parameter Server: LOGIN Username Password (where Username and Password are to be replaced)
  • FIX: Shortcuts in menu
  • FIX: Problems with customers on free places in the Cafeteria Overview
  • FIX: Changes to the item and product groups buttons in the sales window
  • FIX: Alphabetical listing of Clients in the Shutdown Manager
  • FIX: Closing of the service when shutting down Windows / Database problems
  • FIX: Tariff name on printout of LoginCode
  • FIX: Softphone calls assigned to wrong customer



  • compatible with Windows 7 SP1
  • FIX: newstart of shift after ending a shift without new login
  • FIX: entry of a negative withdrawl amount at shift change



  • compatible with Windows 64-bit
  • Credit and debit card terminal (Special module)
  • PaymentTerminal: Display only selected Client groups
  • BonusManager: New Option "Every [x] days at [y] o'clock"
  • New options: "PLU recognized" and "PLU not recognized"
  • Member Overview: new column "Bonus (Usage costs)", "Bonus (Additional costs)", "Loyalty Points" and "Tariff"
  • Server saves postion and size of the Window when closing the software
  • Start Client Session: Define end time
  • FIX: Softphone-Shortcut from Desktop allows access to Softphone even though it was deactivated in the tariff
  • FIX: Print Manager for Thin-Clients
  • FIX: Cancellaions of orders
  • FIX: Sorting Product groups after restart of the Server
  • FIX: Problem with item dialog when standard stock and packing unit are deactivated
  • FIX: Error when searching for a Member in column "last Login" or "date of birth"
  • FIX: Display of many receipts at the same tim in the receipt overview much faster now
  • FIX: Barcode-Scanner and "Do not close Cafeteria sales window"
  • FIX: When importing Member and LoginCodes from an exported database: Use standard settings if there is no tariff information
  • FIX: Problems with the automatic transfer of customers from one to another PC



  • Price list: Delete several entries at the same time
  • Cancellation of receipt: cancelling member credit and bonus (optional)
  • Option to save pictures for Customer Identification Data
  • Extended search functions for the usage report with Customer Identification Data
  • Direct PDF export for usage report with Customer Identificatin Data
  • Several PLUs per item possible
  • New control unit: ALL4000
  • Higher resolution for images in Customer Identification Data
  • „Member can change his member data at the Client“ activated as standard (optinal)
  • Revenue messages: New text modules "Revenue of last 24h", "Print Manager Revenue of last 24h", "Other revenue of last 24 h"
  • FIX: User Manager: "Add negative amounts to member accounts"
  • FIX: Message box can only be enlarged to a maximum where machines are still visible in overviews
  • FIX: Low inventory warning with deactivated inventory management
  • FIX: Happy Hour in Flatrate
  • FIX: Missing low inventory warnings at start of Server
  • FIX: Softphone: Missing sales price lists with defined profit margin
  • FIX: Import of items: "Do not import first row"
  • FIX: Bonus Manager events
  • FIX: Intermessage-Icon for unread messages still visible when customer was already logged out
  • FIX: System crash in free item dialog
  • FIX: Error when editing revenue messages



  • Item Overview: Items with low inventory now marked in red
  • FIX: Display of individual backround picture at Client
  • FIX: Program billing report in statistic reports
  • FIX: Opening of the cash drawer with OpenCOM
  • FIX: Fax service at Client
  • FIX: Print Manager: Number of prints when using special printer settings
  • FIX: Print Manager: Price display when Black-and-White prints were notP allowed
  • FIX: Price display whenusing numeric keypad on touch screen
  • FIX: Duration when price was depending on time of login
  • FIX: Standard language settings at Clients
  • FIX: Fax service for staff members
  • FIX: Deleting individual entries in the individual tariff
  • FIX: Replacing of flatrate for customer login at Client



  • Standard Policy: programs added to program list which can be executed with restricted program execution settings (otherwise causes error messages under Win7)
  • User Manager: Restriction for users to start Clients for members
  • User Manager: Create/edit revenue messages
  • PaymentTerminal: Implementation of Chipcard system for members
  • New settings for printers with black-and-white printing problems
  • FIX: Softphone pricelist with a percental margin



  • PaymentTerminal: Optimazation of automatic start of Clients (e.f. for XBox)
  • Customer Identification: Search option for walk-in customers, display of the Online-ID in overviews (optional)
  • FIX: Printing on wrong printer when using several Print Servers and one Print Server was not available
  • FIX: New Client was not started when transferring a customer to a different computer



  • Deactivation of the automatic restart of the Windows Explorer
  • Disallow customer login at Client after opening hours
  • Start Client from Server: inserted chipcard selects the according member
  • PaymentTerminal: Automatic start of a auotmatically selected Client when customer inserts a certain amount
  • Client Client: Decelerated start of computers and additional machines (optional)
  • FIX: Customer display, selection of COM-port
  • FIX: Print Manager, UserPrinters.dat now active
  • FIX: Problem with tariff names with a blank character in the end
  • FIX: Wrong value for "last Login" when editing LoginCodes
  • FIX: Touchscreen entry in Cash Sale, selected entries are now being replaced
  • FIX: Error in receipt when transferring a customer with existing orders to a PC or additional machine with a tariff with minimum amount settings
  • FIX: Landscape printing in XPS formate
  • FIX: Starting Clients with gratuitous tariffs



  • FIX: Clients could not be found when trial time was up before the extension of the trial time
  • FIX: problem with prints of several pages when printing from XPS-formate


  • Import/Export of Members and LoginCodes
  • Import/Export of items
  • Billing dialogue: Info about when items were ordered
  • Change of the database type / Transfer data from old to new database
  • User Manager: Disallow deleting of scanned or selected items in Cafe Manager
  • Cash drawer: Display user authentification (entry of password), if user does not have enough rights to open the cash drawer (optional)
  • Printing of extended item list now available
  • Individual changes of the text for fix text parts of the receipt possible
  • Orderman: Assign Orderman to one or several servers for control prints
  • Use of several PrintServers possible
  • Extended customer identification (for Italy, with passport/ID card data)
  • Assign Clients to Servers
  • FIX: automatic setting of the printer options for the printer (Server + Client), problem with shared printers and settings
  • FIX: Bonus and Tariff Manager settings were not executed immediately upon inserting coins (not until after the first hour)
  • FIX: Printing in the Login Screen Browser was not possible when printing in Internet Explorer was not allowed in the policies
  • FIX: problems with zero value for button sizes in the Cafe Manager
  • FIX: possible crash of the Service when sending test e-mails
  • FIX: Bonus for additional cost was sometimes listet as usage cost in the journal
  • FIX: COM-port selection for customer display



  • Reason for cancellation now visible on the report
  • Stock Change Report (basic): Items with change '0' no longer visible
  • Control Units: Impuls instead of switching (optional)
  • Import/Export of Members and LoginCodes
  • Import/Export of items
  • Charge window: order time for each item available
  • New database format SQLite (optional), change and transfer of data from old database possible
  • New option in User Manager: Deleting of scanned or selected items in the cafeteria dialogue not possible
  • Cash drawer: User password required if user has not enough rights to open the cash drawer
  • Item Overview: Detailed item list can now be printed
  • Standard terms for receipts can be defined individually
  • FIX: Barcode Printing: Improved Performance if using a large number of items
  • FIX: Problems with timing when passing over date line
  • FIX: Free items could not be booked in 2008.1.12.2
  • FIX: Creating duplicate product groups



  • SMTP-Server Port can be defined for e-mail service
  • Enhanced image resolution on receipt
  • Confirmation dialog when closing the print preview before printing
  • Control Units: Disable connection if no user is logged in, optional
  • Control Units: connect when in maintenance
  • Control Units: do not reset when closing the Service, optional
  • New option in User Manager: Do not show revenue at the end of shift
  • Cancellation of receipt: Reversing entry in stock, optional
  • Cancellation of receipt: Entry of a reason, optional
  • New cash report: Current stock
  • New option in Tariff Manager: Automatic change to a new tariff when flatrate has run out
  • FIX: CallShop Provider Account: Display cabins in overview
  • FIX: Cafeteria Manager: Problems with refund items when several guest share one Client
  • FIX: Display of websites in the Login-Screen Browser
  • FIX: Transfer customer with individual tariff
  • FIX: Barcode printing
  • FIX: Selected product group when opening the Cafe Manager dialog
  • FIX: Cancellation of refunding an item
  • FIX: Item quantity when using a barcode scanner
  • FIX: Order window at Client: Combination of items possible
  • FIX: Price display on control print when using discounts
  • FIX: Transfer customer: missing Clients
  • FIX: Display "Reactivate Client"
  • FIX: Hide InterCafe Login at Client
  • FIX: Problems with JavaScript and redirection to Login Screen
  • FIX: Date format in file name of PDF
  • FIX: Problem with login when Login with LoginCode was deactivated and user entered LoginCode in Member Login field



  • Revenue messages: new text module "program version"
  • Item: Alphabetical sorting for item list of composition items
  • Cashcards protocol
  • duplicate print of Cashcards possible
  • FIX: Client crash during opening of the Client when Service war restarted at the same time
  • FIX: Problem with member rebate when taking an order
  • FIX: Sorting of the items when maximizing the order window
  • FIX: Error message when canceling the user login
  • FIX: Remaining member credit on receipt
  • FIX: CallingCard window cannot be closed during the transfer of data
  • FIX: Cafeteria window, credit error for items with compositions
  • FIX: Deactivating the email function, also for desktop shoprtcut
  • FIX: Login Screen Browser: could not show defined home pages when it was not allowed to open new tabs
  • FIX: could not clear tables if customers had canceled orders
  • FIX: Cafeteria window: problem with cancelations if several customers shared a Client
  • FIX: Problem with "Do not deduct additional costs from prepaid credit" and "Bonus for additional costs"
  • FIX: Adding the country code for Quintum phone systems



  • FIX: Problems with Client when connection to Server failed
  • FIX: Biling dialogue: Error when transferring items from one to another list
  • FIX: Display of quantity of prints in Receipt Overview



  • Graphical Overview: font size can be defined individually
  • User Manager: new settings for DKS
  • Member can now be assigned to a vacant place
  • Order window opens automatically when a customer is being assigned to a table or a vacant place (optional, can be defined in the Local Configuration)
  • Member will be assigned to a vacant place if the Cafeteria Overview is open and the member chipcard is inserted
  • Items: automatic selection of the stock unit if the packing unit has been selected and no stock unit has been defined yet
  • Cafeteria / Stock entry: search for items now possible in all product groups
  • New language: Croatian (Client only)
  • New report: Revenue of user
  • Color indication of Clients where time is almost up, optionl
  • Faster compilation of and access to databases
  • Sorting of items now also possible in the main item overview of "All product groups"
  • Softphone: Display of the charges when dialling
  • FIX: Shutdown Client-PC when Client software is being closed unauthorized
  • FIX: Transfer customers from tables/cabins to PCs
  • FIX: Transfer customers from vacant places
  • FIX: Stop the warning at the Client after credit has been recharged
  • FIX: Problems with new packing units
  • FIX: Focus for PLU boxes (Cafeteria Manager and stock entry)
  • FIX: Login times for Members
  • FIX: Problems with position of the order window when size of the window was changed
  • FIX: Regard disbursement item for current cash position
  • FIX: Disbursement item, no rebate and no cash sale
  • FIX: Problem when selling an item with negative charges


  • Item overview: new search options (product groups)
  • Cash Journal: Cancel/Delete several receipts at the same time
  • LoginCodes: Validation X days from first login
  • Stock entry: new search options
  • Send message to Server when Client has a different version than Service
  • FIX: log-probem in ICService-Protocol when closing the software
  • FIX: automatic opening of the cabins (with ShopPoints) if connection to proxy server fails
  • FIX: Stock entry: Problems with the automatic selection of the standard packing units
  • FIX: VAT display on receipt with price reductions
  • FIX: Opening of cash drawer in LoginCode sale, CashCard sale and start and end of shift
  • FIX: Problems with Bonus Journal in Members
  • FIX: Missing ZIP code in receipt when using the standard layout
  • FIX: Problems with timed events and internet time sync
  • FIX: Wrong printer selected in CallingCard sale


  • Printer for CallingCards can be defined separately
  • Graphical Overview: Font type for icons can be defined
  • "Personal Message" for members which will be displayed with the next Login
  • Server Update and RemoteServer Update improved
  • Direct implementation of Bematech printers
  • Extend time function for Client improved, now also available for LoginCodes
  • USB multiple socket outlet SilverShield implemented (for power-controlling of additional machines)
  • Print Manager: data transfer improved, B&W print configuration changed
  • Wireless LAN module: Guest Login now available
  • Client Configuration: new button to search for Service
  • Client Configuration: new button to test conncetion to Service
  • New report: Logfile of starting and closing the Service
  • FIX: Port conflict for remote connections to Clients
  • FIX: problem with different font colors in the Graphical Overview
  • FIX: deleting tariffs which are still in use
  • FIX: problem with "&" in item and product groups names
  • FIX: problem with multiple reports when clicking "create report"
  • FIX: wrong date when creating a member at a Client
  • FIX: Price list import: Lines with purchase price = 0 not imported
  • FIX: Price list import: Lines with interval = 0 not imported - now using standard setting 1 for purchase prices and 60 for sales price
  • FIX: Member-/LoginCode-Overview: sorting by last login
  • FIX: Revenue Report: except correction entries and deposits/pyaouts
  • FIX: wrong standard tariff when transferring a customer with flatrate tariff
  • FIX: wong start time and duration on receipt for customers with flatrate tariffs
  • FIX: wrong start time in usage report for flatrate tariffs
  • FIX: Callshop price information: display without basic fees
  • FIX: PrintServer Servcie could not be closed with restricted user accounts
  • FIX: Update for 64bit operating systems
  • FIX: Error message when saving a tariff by using the "Apply" button
  • FIX: problem with "charge basic fee only once per customer/number" , if there was no basic fee for the first call



  • Items: Size of preview button according to settings of the Local Configuration
  • Statistic Reports: Usage time sorted by tariffs (data only available from time of update and later)
  • Statistic Reports: new time options "Current shift" and "Current Cash Report"
  • Client: Minimize all running programs to display warning at the end of session (optional)
  • Revenue Report sorted by product groups: without Callshop revenue (optional)
  • FIX: Error in stock when ordering from Client
  • FIX: Problems when sending the statistic report by email when performing a Cash Report



  • Support Request: System Informationen extended
  • Statistic reports: 56mm receipt print implemented
  • Thin-clients: Domain user can be selected in Client-Configuration
  • FIX: Performing the update when InterCafe Service runs as standard user
  • FIX: Receipt print problems
  • FIX: Basic fee charges after x seconds
  • FIX: Sipura phone system: recognizing start of the call
  • FIX: EUR 0,01 credit top-up for members at the end of session
  • FIX: LoginCode Template: selecting a header image
  • FIX: Statistic Reports: problems with apostrophe
  • FIX: Member Accounts and LoginCodes that are in use cannot be deleted
  • FIX: Automatic printing of reports (e.g. when ending a shift)
  • FIX: Problem when sending the statistic reports by email at Cash Report



  • Policy settings for FireFox 3.0 or higher
  • Proxy settings for FireFox 3.0 or higher
  • Policy settings can now be used at Server with restricted Windows user rights
  • Perform cash report with user name and password
  • Additional Machines: input and output device settings
  • Optimized tariff selection when transferring a customer from PC to PC
  • Re-activate customers who have already logged out
  • Blinking Client Menu 2 minutes before the end
  • Text message service: display dialled number (country code and phone number)
  • Client: InterMessage and E-Mail can be deactivated individually
  • Reset Client Login Screen after a certain time of not being in use (optional)
  • InterCall 2008 EasyVoIP (SIP-billing in InterCafe 2008)
  • WLAN: individual Login screen possible
  • FIX: Import of callshop pricelist
  • FIX: Refund
  • FIX: Rounding for price per hour
  • FIX: ClientConfig: Saving files to be deleted
  • FIX: Pause during Flatrate
  • FIX: Print Start credit of members on receipt



  • PaymentTerminal: new text file protocol of inserted coins and bills
  • FIX: loading of block sites
  • FIX: early hangup of calls by the Softphone
  • FIX: color shifts in black-and-white prints (some printers only)
  • FIX: Client Start window couldn't be closed when the option "Always print reciept" was activated but no printer available



  • Cafeteria Manager: Time for PLU entry can be defined individually
  • New tariff managament structure
  • FIX: Error when saving member data
  • FIX: Whitelist/Blacklist problem of the Login Screen Browser
  • FIX: Error message in Login Screen Browser
  • FIX: Problem with pricelist entries without area code
  • FIX: Display of fax machines in the Callshop Overview
  • FIX: Opening of "My Documents" when starting the Client
  • FIX: Policy transfer for Citrix-ThinClients



  • ClientControl: Saving of screenshot possible
  • PaymentTerminal: Implementation of NV9 CCTalk bill acceptor
  • PaymentTerminal: Hide minimum amount
  • PaymentTerminal: Deactivate start screen
  • Policy Manager: Invert selection
  • Support Request: name, email and phone number are saved in the software for future support requests
  • Automatically deactivate screensaver when coin or chipcard is inserted
  • LoginCode/Member Overview: deleting several entries at the same time possible
  • Create LoginCodes with value 0.00
  • Print Manager: improved print on PrintServer
  • Print Manager: improved connection to PrintServer
  • Faster Cafeteria Sale
  • Deposits/Payouts: devided in two functions
  • Deposits/Payouts: reasons for deposits and payouts in colors
  • User Manger: new setting for deposits/payouts
  • Product groups: Hide 'All items' button, optional
  • DKS-Manager: now supports PC-Wächter cards
  • Proforma receipt option (without tax information)
  • New updates: message at Server
  • Item overview: New columns "Current Stock" and "Stock unit"
  • Item overview: faster
  • Purchase price additinal fee for different LCR providers
  • Statistic: new report Client usage for all or single Client group
  • Statistik: new report on Wireless LAN usage with IP addresses
  • DataImport: importing the function 'use settings of Tariff Manager'
  • Wireless LAN and MemberDrives: Virtual-Box Image
  • FIX: Error when printing landscape format
  • FIX: Mapping of common drives if members do not have a personal drive
  • FIX: deposits/payouts no longer visible on tax report
  • FIX: program crash (in rare cases) during cash sale
  • FIX: Flatrate problem when restarting the Service
  • FIX: Black&White prints were printed in color (only on some printers)
  • FIX: Tariff: Intervals with 0 minutes no longer possible
  • FIX: PrepaidCard problems (if logged out by Server)


  • New graphics at Server and Client
  • VISTA compatible
  • new licensing system: four basic modules (Computer Manager, Additional Machines Manager (e.g.for billiard, Callshop Manager and Cafeteria Manager), each available as standalone version, too
  • Advanced Cafeteria functions (refund items, split entries, parts list etc.)
  • Advanced stock management
  • Members: Bonus and loyalty point system
  • Policy Manager: revised and now Vista compatible
  • Interface/Layout at Server: graphical overview (display Clients, Cabins and tables on the same screen)
  • Client: Softphone (make phone calls from the Client computers)
  • Client: send MMS messages
  • Client: send faxes
  • new Print Manager (compatible with Firefox 3.0)
  • Client-Control: integrated remote control for the Clients (Special Module)
  • Thin-Client compatible
  • new Wireless LAN billing system (Special Module)
  • CashCards sale integrated in the software (phone cards, paysafe etc.)
  • and much more.....



  • Client: Extended error log
  • Client: New DLL for EMP 800 v6
  • Kiosk version: New DLL for EMP 800 v6


  • Server: Automatic repair of data base
  • Server: Larger PLU-screen
  • Client: Extended error protocol
  • Client: Enabling of coin acceptor after blocking extended
  • Client: FIX: Initialising of coin acceptor


  • Link to in the InterCafe Software is only available for usergroup Admin
  • FIX: InterCafe and InterCall will still be visible in the taskbar when other users are logged in or when the policy manager is activated for the server


  • Samsung Bixolon & Star POS printers implemented, incl. cash drawer opener
  • Resize dialogs after changing the resolution
  • Hide program billing window after a certain time (Settings.ini)
  • FIX: Control of DKS-Software


  • DKS-Control: new module for the control with DKS Recovery Software
  • Computer Manager: Clients with low credit marked with color
  • Use of WebBlock Proxy can be defined for each Client
  • Pause Clients through the option 'Transfer System Settings'
  • Deactivate the booking of credit from LoginCodes to Member Accounts, optional
  • Faster updates of Member Overview, LoginCode Overview and Journals
  • Shutdown PaymentTerminals when InterCafe it being closed, optional


  • The last four digits of Prepaidcards are now being displayed
  • Import of LoginCodes
  • Logout of all customers if time of Server is being reset
  • Take order of Clients automatically
  • No inquiry at shift change
  • open cash drawer automatically at shift change
  • Kiosk version: direct login to Server by entering user name and password in Login Window
  • FIX: restart problem in kiosk version
  • FIX: delayed loading of the member overview after editing member data
  • FIX: add new tables
  • FIX: Cafeteria report with customer name and PC name


  • traffic billing with WebBlock Proxy
  • display member credit on receipt
  • revision of the implementaion of cc-talk devices (with cc-talk Module)
  • logout customer even though he has not paid yet (optional)
  • link to the download of the remote control software
  • FIX: Transfer from table to customer -> orders impossible
  • FIX: Saving soundsin options


  • new communication between Server & Client
  • extended customer identification (due to law changes in Italy)
  • start Client again if customer is logged out but Client has not yet been settled
  • Member data printable and exportable for every single member
  • extended import and export functions for Member Accounts and LoginCodes
  • expiry date for Member Accounts and LoginCodes
  • User Manager: Member amount at which account will be blocked < 0 integrated in "add negative member credit to account"
  • optional: Play sound at when PC is booting (ConnectionRequest)
  • optional: Member can login even when already logged in at a different machine -> automatic logout on the old machine
  • optional: customer can atomatically be logged out when client looses connection to Server
  • FIX: Program Billing, message at Client
  • FIX: password entry at Client Service
  • FIX: automatic cash balance


  • Standard Tariff for LoginCodes
  • Free customer trial period for Website Billing, optional
  • Confirmation for Program Billing, optional
  • Display printouts in message window at Server, optional
  • Extension of member data (Number and Type of ID etc.)
  • Show status message at Client when this Computer has not yet been settled
  • New status display when Client is being blocked or unblocked
  • Deactivate Screen Saver when unblocking a Client
  • 30 day trial period for Special Modules (PaymentTerminal, WLAN and LinuxClient)
  • MemberDataManager: save changes that customer makes at Client
  • FIX: Maintenance at Client with Staff Member Chipcard only with sufficient rights
  • FIX: Extension of LoginCode in InterCafe Kiosk


  • Bill Acceptor for Client, InterCafe Kiosk and PaymentTerminal
  • Tariffs: set automatic Proxy in InternetExplorer
  • Policy Manager: disallow download (extended)
  • Policy Manager: Hide Control Panel
  • Policy Manager: Hide TrayIcons
  • PATH.TXT: Individual paths for the databases
  • SHUTDOWN.SH: individual commands for Shutdown
  • Statistics: Report of all password changes
  • Statistics: Hit list of the most used programs and websites (only of programm and website billing)
  • Statistics Data Transfer: Optional Time Period for transfer
  • LoginCodes: change password with next login (optional)
  • New features when adding new items to inventory
  • wroking in several windows at Server at the same time
  • Change row size in Cafe Manager
  • Client: Hide time / amount in Client Menu
  • Client: show value of inserted coins while Client is still blocked
  • Client: Extended features for Windows Wallpaper Recovery
  • Client: show message at Client when website billing is over (optional)
  • SID.DAT: Enter SID-ID for Policy transfers
  • FIX: Error message at customer login when Client has not yet been settled
  • FIX: Show PC-Name instead of LoginCode in InterMessage
  • FIX: Remember Internet Explorer Homepage for new tariffs


  • Statistic: Member Credit Hitlist (show Member with the highest credit disposit of a certain time period)
  • Empty waste basket at Client Start
  • Display inserted coin acceptor credit in Login Screen (enter %MONEY% in the welcome message)
  • Use Windows Merlin for warning
  • Statistic: Revenue per User (Sum)
  • Statistic: Computer Usage, PrepaidCard Revenue
  • User groups: Create user accounts
  • User groups: Edit article
  • User groups: change receipt print option
  • Killtasks.txt at Client/Kiosk for defenite shutdown of processes
  • Cafeteria Terminal: UserLogin with Chipcard
  • FIX: Login without password
  • FIX: Win2000 Reboot
  • FIX: Screensaver at Client always deactivated


  • new options in User Manager
  • Three-level MemberTariffManager
  • revised WAKE ON LAN-Function
  • Windows Logoff possible through Client Software
  • Hide MemberDataManager Symbol
  • Hide InterCafe StartButton when Policies are applied at Client
  • new Button: Shortcut for InterCall Call Shop Software
  • new reports: Overview of all Cash reports, Overview of all Deletions of the Journal
  • Import and Export of policy settings


  • Member can give their member credit to other members
  • Statistics -> Report of Cash/Daily Sales by User
  • Browser as Login Screen
  • Free Use of certain websites in Login Screen
  • Fix: Focus problem in maintenance mode
  • Fix: Printing of long documents (with Print Manager)


  • more effective Client-Softwareupdate fuctions
  • new Print Manager with Preview function
  • Save individual data/scores of the Members
  • Policies: Hide Time and Network
  • Change font for LoginCodes
  • PaymentTerminal: add credit to account without password


  • Program Billing: If there is no confirmation of the price message the program will be closed immediately
  • Faster update after changing member data
  • Faster update of credit display at Client
  • Optional: automatic Logoff of Customer when Client is being restarted
  • Fix: Wrong entry in Inventory when deleting a position in the journal
  • Fix: Problem of credit display after several pauses
  • Fix: Group Classification in InterCafe Kiosk
  • Fix: Crash after changing member data
  • Fix: wrong screen resolution in Pause Mode
  • Payment Terminal: Bind tariffs to Clients


  • Supporting the new Payment Terminal
  • New language: French
  • Cafeteria / 2. Server - Sale of LoginCodes possible
  • Automatic Logon if there is only one user and if this user has no password
  • "Start Client"-Button deactivated if Client cannot be started
  • Statistic: "Revenue of machines" sorted by revenue
  • Program- and Website-Billing
  • No confirmation if website or programm billing uses a negative amount
  • Display of balanced time dependant on additional costs
  • Client: Closing login Screen possible for all users
  • Client: FIX: Closing at open dialog


  • Client/Kiosk new function: Remove Policies
  • Policies for the Server, depending on user
  • Revised Policy: Disallow File Download
  • New Policy: Remove Wastebasket
  • Automatic Mail Service of Coin Acceptor Revenue
  • Daily Mail Service for Revenue and Statistics
  • Website Billing (extra charges for certain websites)
  • Program Billing in InterCafe Kiosk
  • Member Credit Manager
  • Update of the Export/Import of Artiles and Member Data
  • Daily Revenue Statistics
  • Support of 16Bit graphics
  • Protocol for Program Billing
  • Protocol for Website Billing
  • Extension of Statistics for machines: Member and Tariff
  • Fix: Sleep-Key Bug
  • Fix: Policies with Coin Acceptor
  • Fix: Client Configuration > LoginScreen, saving data
  • Fix: Add credit to Member Account with Admin Tariff without having Admin Rights
  • Fix: Save Files for Backups
  • Fix: Online-managed Prepaidcards
  • Fix: Save Member Groups


  • Print Manager for Kiosk Version
  • Lift policies at Client/Kiosk Version
  • Policies for Server (optional)
  • Screen Saver and PowerSave possible
  • New Language: Dutch
  • Optimization of memory usage
  • FIX: Clientinformation -> Display if WebBlock is active
  • FIX: automatic Print Manager
  • FIX: Initializing programs at start of session
  • FIX: InterMessage from sales desk to Clients
  • FIX Cafeteria Terminal: Control Print for Orders


  • Optional: Reset Screen Solution at end of session
  • Optional: SMS can be sent through Clients, no need of Internet at the Server
  • Reset language at Client after each session
  • FIX: Customer cannot change data when setting new password
  • FIX: Saving of blocked drives
  • FIX: Annul polocies not dipslayed at Server
  • FIX: Crash at Cash Sales
  • FIX: Apply Policies after maintenance


  • Saving unused credit on member account if using coin acceptor
  • optimierte Münzprüferkommunikation
  • SMS-Service worldwide for the same price
  • SMS-Service at Server possible
  • FIX: Lodaing credit on member account by using a coin acceptor
  • FIX: creating member account after usage with coin acceptor
  • FIX: Extend LoginCode
  • FIX: InterMessage with LoginCodes
  • FIX: Shutdown Client at a certain time


  • New layout of Client with new graphics
  • SMS Service at Client
  • Automatic Print Manager for WIN 2000/XP
  • Email Service at Client without the need of an own email Adress and with WebCam implementation
  • Starting Clients with System Service (also with Shell Replacement) for Win NT/2000/XP possible
  • Communication via DHCP possible
  • Coin Acceptor with parallel port implemented
  • New Login Screen with HTML-Implementation
  • Login Screen related to language settings
  • Set Pause Screen by HTML or background
  • New communication between Clients and Server (DHCP possible)
  • several Server Stations possible (Use of Special Module)
  • POS keyboard implemented
  • PLU entries possible
  • New policy settings
  • Automatic Backup Manager
  • Information and Screenshot of ClientPC at Server
  • Inventory Management with warning at low inventory
  • Playing selected sounds for certain events
  • Chat System between Clients and Server
  • Improved Member Management
  • Extended Member Management due to group settings
  • New Statistics
  • Automatic Export of statistics
  • Automatic Backup Manager
  • Automatic Message for Customers before end of opening hours
  • Automatic printing of preset reports at shift change
  • Implemetation of POS Display
  • Customer can load credit onto member account by using a coin acceptor


  • Additional policiy settings
  • Better Performance
  • Changed Scroll Layout
  • Better use of Touch-Screen
  • Better Backup functions for Data Base
  • FIX: Software Update Function for Client-PCs
  • FIX: CRESTARTER could not start Client as Admin if autostart was activated
  • FIX: Restart PC with "force action"
  • FIX: Better encoding for Client/Server communictaion
  • FIX: loss of data when closing software


  • New Statistics
  • Cancellation for all articles
  • CLAN field in member data
  • No additional OCX files needed
  • Cash Sales in Cafe Manager
  • Add of Touch Screen Fields for Cash Sales (Cafe Manager)
  • Sorting of LoginCodes possible
  • Adding comment when starting a Client
  • Implementation of Central Login Terminal
  • Bonus for Member, Report for Bonus entries
  • Print receipt when selling LoginCodes
    Sicherheitsrichtilinen wurden erweitert
  • 2 addiontal text fields for receipt


  • Protocol changed
  • Better encoding
  • Automatic Cash Balance
  • Several network interfaces at Client/Server possible
  • Display of Charges for XP
  • Tax number on Receipt
  • Status displayed in Computer Overview
  • new policy settings for Windows XP and 2000
    Möglichkeit, Client vollständig auf eingeschränkten Benutzerprofilen mit Adminrechten zu starten
  • Annul policies in Client Configuration
  • Client an be closed or set to maintenance by entering Admin password in the Client Configuration
  • Max. Price for Tariffs
  • Statistics: Maintenance Log
  • Statistics: Pause Log
  • Statistics: Overview of Member Credit
  • Lock.exe blocks mouse
  • Optional: do not give change for prepaid credit
  • Chose font for receipt print
  • Scale passport photograph for member account
  • FIX: Customer can login twice with chipcard and name/password
  • Preset Login Options for each Client
  • Switch layout of Cafe Manager
  • Block Member Accounts
  • Deactivate Member Accounts after every use
  • Sort/Search Members
  • Print Member Credits
  • Print all items
  • Cancl Cash Sales
  • Print Control Print
  • Staff account for staff bookings
  • Set policies for each tarif


  • FIX: Low-time warning for Logincodes / Members
  • FIX: Wake on Lan
  • Complete New Statistics
  • Registrydata only visible for User Admin
  • Sort logincodes by tariff
  • Statistic Window is being shown in Task Bar
  • Restaurant/Bar: settlement of single positions possible
  • Functions that are not possible to use at the moment are inactivated (e.g. settle Client)
  • Support of Cash Drawers
  • Entry in Formulars more easy
  • FIX: Fileexporter sends to often


  • FIX: Show all PCs in Shutdownmanager for Wake-On LAN
  • FIX: No shift change necessary when changing users
  • Client: Display of Registername
  • Member Accounts: Membermanager added
  • Supporting Hardware-WebBlock for blocking of page on Client-PCs
  • Encoded Passwords
  • Using Chipcards for Restaurant possible


  • FIX: Entry of Member Data"


  • Print LoginCodes in the Software
  • Print of receipt possible for Cash Sales and Prepaid Sales
  • Member: Birthdate and Mobilephone added; age is being displayed automatically
  • Wake-On LAN added to Shutdownmanager
  • When closing the Serversoftware you will be told how many users are still logged in
  • When closing the Serversoftware you will be asked if you want to shut down Clients
  • Add Surftime for Customer at Server
  • Lowtime Warning when using LoginCodes
  • Reset Credit at Client when using maintenance
  • FIX: Taskbar disappears at Client
  • FIX: Clientlogout


  • New Multilingual Login at Client with possibility to apply html-pages, currently in German, English and Spanish
  • Change size of rows in Computer Overview, optional
  • Open order window with double click on client in Computer overview, optional
  • Receipt Printer: Articles can be summarized
  • Add a separate touch screen terminal for the restaurant part
  • Create member account by inserting coins in coin acceptor
  • Print all sold articles when changing shifts
  • Statistic: PC-Sales (Cash Sales) added
  • Statistik: PC-Sales (All Sales) added
  • Statistik: Sold Articles added
  • Statistik: Sold articles/per shift added
  • Statistik: Canceled orders added
  • Statistik: Cancels/per shift added
  • FIX: Client can be closed if User logs out without having User Rights
  • FIX: Display of availability when Ping-Option is activated
  • FIX: Lock of Taskmanager in Win 2000/ XP (Policy Manager)
  • FIX: Credit display in WIN XP


  • FIX: Display that all Clients are available



  • Add additional machines such as Pool tables etc.
  • Display TAX
  • New Options for receipt printing (Date and TAX)
  • Create Guests in Restaurant part
  • Transfer guests from one to another table
  • Close games automatically when Client is being locked
  • More Policy Settings
  • Improved User Management
  • Delete Product Groups
  • Cash Sale of Articels
  • Set Receipt Printing as Standard
  • Set Paper Width of Receipt
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