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InterCafe as Kiosk Software / Single PC Terminals

Install the InterCafe-Kiosk Software on your terminal. The kiosk software version automatically includes InterCafe Server AND Client (select "Kiosk" during the installation). It has the same functions as the InterCafe Server/Client version, just all on the same PC. Use the InterCafe software as a secure browser system on kiosk terminals or as kiosk manager with coin acceptor and Prepaid Cards.

To access the Admin Area please click on the small black dot in the top left corner of the Client Login Screen.

>> Download InterCafe Kiosk

Examples for Login and Billing:

Diese Seite ausdrucken Login with Coins:
The terminal can be accessed by inserting coins into a coin checker. Your advantage: the terminal can be operated 24h without the need of staff or supervisor.

Diese Seite ausdrucken Login with LoginCode or Prepaid Card:
The terminal can be accessed by entering a login code. The LoginCodes can be created with the software or bought directly from us as Prepaid Cards (just like phone cards) and can be sold at any Service Point (e.g. Reception Desk) without needing a PC at the Service Point.
If the credit is not all used in the same session, the customer can log off and come back at a later time and login again.

Diese Seite ausdrucken Login with Smart Card:
The terminal can be accessed with a Chip Card which has a certain credit saved on the card. When you hand out the card to your customer take a refund so that he brings back the card after he is finished. The card can be reused many times.

Diese Seite ausdrucken Using several Login Options at the same time
You can install a coin acceptor so that customers can use the PC by inserting coins at any time. At the same time you can have customers or members using LoginCodes or Prepaid Cards and if they wish they can even load credit on their cards by inserting coins in the coin validator (optional).
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