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Security Aspects of Smart Card Systems

How Secure are Smart Cards?

Of course you want to protect yourself against attempts to defraud. You may ask yourself which risks may come along with the use of smart cards.

You can be reassured. First of all, there is no credit on the smart card but a key which identifies each customer. If a customer should copy the card, he only has a second card which he can use for login. Simultaneous login is averted by the software.

Secondly somebody could think about changing his ID to match one of another customer. The possible number of keys is equivalent to 7.5 * 10 83. This is about 750 times more than there are elementary particles in the whole universe.

Thirdly the credit is saved in the software (on your Server) and not on the card. If a card gets lost, you can easily look up the credit the customer has on his card and issue a new card according to this information.

The chance to achieve a hit by changing the ID (if you have 1000 customers) is like the chance to get six straight hits at lotto four times in a row!

As you can see smart cards are a very secure tool to use in internet cafes. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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